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For the FIRST time in history the workplace is comprised of Multi Generations, which impacts how we do business in today’s workplace. So the question is – WHAT are the challenges for today’s organizations?

It is Tonia’s belief the Workforce expert, that each of the four generations has a different but valid point of view. Organizations can no longer ignore the importance of “Bridging the Generational Gap.”  It is also Tonia’s belief that in order to create positive environments, increase productivity and improve morale across organizations, we must understand the differences and embrace versus collide.

About Tonia

Tonia Morris has over 20 years of experience in Human Resource in a variety of industries such as retail, government, colleges/universities, financial services and IT just to name a few. Coming from this multi-faceted background, Tonia has seen many changes occur in the workplace over the last three decades. She developed Tonia Morris Speak to address these pressing challenges such as the communication divide, work ethics, retention, rewards and maintaining of a positive work environment. Tonia’s workshops and/or training sessions are centered around “turning chaos into structure.” Your participants will enjoy every minute of her thought provoking and impactful sessions.



Tonia creates relevant and thought provoking conversations regarding the new challenges in today’s workforce. Tonia can deliver topics in an intimate setting to large presentations.   Tonia’s engaging approach is perfect for your audience!

Most Popular Speaking Topics:

  • Bridging Multi Generations in the Workplace
  • The Millennial Divide
  • Managing and Minimizing Chaos in the Workplace
  • The Talent War: What’s Your Battle Plan?
  • What Millennial Really Want You to Know

Notable Speaking Engagements:

“Feedback was VERY favorable even from the first group! Everyone truly enjoyed your presentation and thanked me profusely for inviting you to speak!”

S. Simon- Garmen, HR DirectorLanier Lake Resorts

“Enjoyed the presentation, very engaging and interactive. Brought some great discussion”

Alice B, AT&T HR DirectorHR Star Conference

“I thought the presentation was right on point- Star Performance”

Crystal K, AllconnectHR Star Conference

“Thought Provoking, made me look at the Millennials generation different. I learn a lot and I will be able to take back to my team”

Alicia D., Executive Assistant, CDCGEARS Conference


Tonia provides customized training presentations utilizing case studies, statistics, and real-life examples to support rich content, as well as a vibrant selection of multimedia images-PowerPoint slides, clips from movies, etc.

She tailors each program to a client’s industry and business objectives by gathering information from a pre-program questionnaire and through interviewing selected leaders/employees to learn as much as possible about their work environment, demographics, and generational issues.


Workshops and Seminars (2 to 4 hours) – engaging, practical, and interactive opportunities to learn through customized Generational discussions and activities tailored to your business issues.

Training Topics:

  • Millennial Bootcamp
  • Bridging the Communication Gaps in the Workplace
  • Looking into the Minds of Millennials


  • Colleges & Universities
  • HR Conferences
  • Business/Corporate
  •  Professional Conferences
  •  Associations
  •  Hotels/Resorts

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